Thursday, April 18, 2013


     Whew!  It's been a crazy week so far.  Busy, Busy, Busy! to update you on my most glamorous life in not so rainy and cold England.

     The weather really has been quite nice the past few days.  I was told that it had been quite miserable.  Rainy.  Cold.  Cold.  And really cold.  I don't like the cold.  So why would I choose to go to a place where I knew it rained just about every day and was...cold?  (If you don't know the answer to this question, you don't know me well at all, and I'm not going to give you the answer.  You'll have to figure it out on your own.)


     Back to my original train of thought (I apologize for the scatterbrain moment).  The weather here has been quite nice.  It's been about 50+ degrees Fahrenheit every day when I'm out in town, and I'm very glad it has been!  (I told my host family that it was a good thing I came to town, otherwise spring might have never gotten here! Ha. Ha.)  And it's only rained when I hadn't needed to go out (well, except for this morning.  I'll get to that adventure in a second).  It has been quite windy though.  Heh.  Not so good for tennis (my host-mom plays on a regular basis and hasn't been very happy with that nasty wind).  AND I did have trouble walking at school the other day because the wind was blowing so hard.  BUT that is my only complaint.  I've gotten to wear my scarf and my light jacket (this is a definite plus - these are my favorite pieces of clothing that I own.  Beside my Big Red shirt.  Of course).

     On Monday, like I said before, I followed around a wee year 7 student to all his classes.  And as it turns out, I learned today that I will also be given the chance to teach that class possibly as I'm with them during their humanities lessons for the time that I am here!  They are wonderful.  And they are fascinated with the fact that I'm an American.  I might choose to stay here forever.  I'm practically a celebrity.  One of the girls also told me she wished she was American so that she could have an accent like mine.  Bless.

     However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows.  I've been asked "Miss, can you please say water again?" five BILLION times.  (They love my accent and the way I say 'water'.)

     Tuesday was different as I began my timetable.  I really like the fact that it is different every single day.  Hard to remember what's going on, but my day is always more exciting.  However, Tuesday, Wednesday, and today were all the same as I just sat in on lessons to observe and get used to the students.  So, I feel a little bit useless.  But no worries, that's changing in the morning.  Yes!  I am teaching an English lesson tomorrow to the Year 8 students (7th grade).  They are quite a rowdy bunch, but that doesn't scare me!  I'm quite excited to be teaching again; I've missed it the past few weeks!

     So, to back track,  I know you're all excited about the rain story I hinted at a few paragraphs ago.  This story is quite a nail-biter - you can't say you haven't been warned!  Anyway, I checked my phone yesterday morning as I was getting ready for school to check about rain.  I saw that there was a 30% chance and I panicked.  I didn't bring my umbrella! AH!  So I sped through getting ready, and went to Asda to buy an umbrella.  (side story: I didn't bring my lovely Big Red umbrella because I didn't want the airport security in Nash to think that I was trying to commit some crime with it on the airplane.  I love that umbrella and would probably cry if it was confiscated by the government.  I found out later though that it is okay to bring one with you on the plane...rats.  The end.)  Back to Asda.  I bought the most beautiful umbrella you ever did see.  ...and the cheapest one.  (Mistake.)  But I went on to school.  And it didn't rain on me. (Whew!)

     TODAY.  TODAY it was sprinkling.  I thought it was about to downpour.  So I pulled my oh-so-cute-and-new umbrella out and opened it up.  And...drumroll broke.  Remember that pesky wind I was telling you about?  Well, yeah, it um, was blowing straight at my face as was the sprinkling-almost-downpouring rain.  So I held my umbrella straight out in front of me and the pesky wind plum broke one of the spoke/arm things that holds the contraption up.

     Dead.  My new lovely umbrella is dead.

     Good thing I only paid £5 for it.

     And that's the end of my story.

     I went on to school.  It stopped raining.  It was a lovely day.  (They say lovely a lot here, in case you were wondering.)  Anyway, I feel like this post has been dragging on for ages.  I will now post a few pictures to keep you happy (and it's the real reason you bother to read my blog, I know).  (PLEASE NOTE:  I am an awful photographer.  Please don't judge me or England on my horrible picture taking skills.  I'm mainly talking about the picture of the traffic light and my thumb.  Sorry about that.  Everything else is...lovely.)

Birdhouse I saw in the park.  I don't know what the number means.  I guess it means it's the tenth one in the park?

Brer Rabbit's house.

The old school.  It's now the Mohan Business Center (no clue what that is).  (How cool does this building look?!)

My old grandpa shoes (that I refused to buy in the States).  I'm quite excited about these shoes.  They've grown on me.  They're also British - more appealing.  Hannah, Haven, and Meags - you may now fall over in shock.

Pretty tree!

At the park.

This is a standard traffic light.  And this is a pretty busy one at that.  And usually, it's a roundabout-traffic light combo here in the UK.  The finger is not part of the traffic light.

Pretty willow tree.  (I love trees, sorry.)

The beautiful school that I have the pleasure of working at during my stay!

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