Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day Two

     Since the school is on Easter Holiday this week, I don't actually have to do anything with teaching yet.  However, I did have a meeting with one of staff members at the school to come in and do an introduction/tour this afternoon!  I had a lovely time, and the school is a nice clean building beside the canal.  I've included a picture of the school below:

This is also the new campus.  The older one is no longer in use.
(and I probably should have gotten a better angle than the this one with the trash can.  I'll do that soon.)

     Sounds all well and good right?  Those who know me well, though, will know that I got completely and totally lost on the way there.  Getting lost is something I do very well, and today was no exception.  The good thing?  I've found my way around town.  The bad thing?  I was hopelessly wandering around the market place trying to find my way.  I was given wonderful directions, but I seem incapable of being able to follow them in this new little town.  However, I finally went back home to the WiFi and looked it up on the map.  Finally...FINALLY I was able to make it to the beautiful, wonderful school pictured above!

     I really liked my adventure though.  I took a few pictures of some older buildings and church buildings.  I'll put them below.

^ This one was on my way back.  I love the old castle look to the tower.
^ This one looked rather old and decrepit.  However, it said something about a child's daycare or something on the front door...hmmm...
^ I loved this one.  It was surrounded by a stone wall and trees! 

This was on the way to school.  The canal is on the right with ducks swimming in it (mostly fighting over the bread some people were throwing at them).

I would love to eat here at this little café, but it's run by young people practicing to be cooks...maybe I should wait? 

This is not a red telephone booth.  I was disappointed.  BUT you can phone, text, AND email from this one.  I'll forgive it for not being a famous red one.

And finally, I found some pictures I forgot to include in yesterday's post:

This is the plane I landed in once I got to DC.  How cool is that?  It was like a movie!

A TWO-way moving floor at the Manchester airport.


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